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Horizontal directional drilling is done with the help of a viscous fluid and is
a mixture of water, and usually bentonite, or polymer, continuously pumped to
the cutting head or drill bit in order to facilitate the removal of cuttings, which
stabilize the bore hole, cool the cutting head, and lubricate the passage of
the product pipe.

This method comprises a three stage process; first stage drills a pilot hole
on the designed path and the second stage enlarges the hole by passing
a larger cutting tool known as the back reamer. The third stage places
the product or casing pipe in the enlarged hole. The directional control
capabilities assist the rig operator in making necessary changes in
the directions of the drilling head.

Directional boring is utilized when installing
infrastructure for such things as:

  • telecommunications

  • power cable conduits

  • oil and product pipelines

  • water, sewer, and gas lines

  • environmental remediation casings
Benefits of direction boring:
  • less traffic disruption

  • lower costs and deeper installations

  • no access pits and shorter
    completion times

  • directional capabilities

  • environmental safety
Directional boring allows for:
Crossing waterways,
roadways, shore approaches, and congested areas.
It may also help to bypass environmentally sensitive areas or areas where other methods prove costlier.
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